This fabulous luxe tanning formula can be sprayed on the skin for quickest results but can also be applied manually by the therapist for those with breathing issues. A rapid drying, fast developing tan that can be washed of the skin as quick as 30 mins after application and longer for a deeper tan.






To ensure great results from your tan, waxing should be done no less than 2 days prior to treatment and shaving 1 day prior.  The night before your treatment exfoliate with a non-oily exfoliating product to ensure a smooth base for the perfect tan. In the morning of your treatment use, for example, a soap such as the green Pears soap, as it is great for exfoliating the skin.

When you come for your appointment please remove deodorant and any make-up you may have on and wear loose dark clothing. If it is raining, please bring and umbrella for going home!  

For people with breathing issues, the spray on formula is not recommended. Instead, we suggest the rub on method.